Saturday, March 03, 2012


 Big, still standing, and 1600 years old.
 Old randomness from outside the Hotel window.

One of  soooooo many ultra-grand mosques pepper throughout the city. This one is "Blue Mosque".

Inside looking up. 

Inside looking down.

More marble and onyx than you can look sideways at.


 Inside Turkey's iconic Aya Sophia

Keeping warm and distracting the tourist.

More mosaics than you can look upward at.

 Mosaic baby JC and mom.

Snowing + Mosques

 Locals only eats.

 Mosque nights

 Fish & Meat restaurants. Our favorite vegetarian delights. Oh, and I have a friend preparing an argument to explain why fishies should not be considered meat. Stay tuned and anxious for the answer.

 Sebzeli guvec (vegetable casserole) for you Gaby. Many many more on this trip not pictured. 

 Mosques make Kirstin CraZy.

 Makes everybody crazy.

 Our hard to find hotel.

+ breakfast.

 More wobbly big stuff still upright.

 Felt and embroidered shoes. Very practical. 

Lamps in the Grand Bizarre.

 Mosque rats.

Sweet shop toy-box.

 So many furry kitties.

Somebody loves felt!

Next comes outdoor adventure in Capadoccia...


Anonymous said...

Hiya! Thanks for sharing all of your photos! Looks like tons of fun <3 We look forward to seeing more! XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Fun read! Glad you're having fun --- keep the posts coming!