Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome back in Delhi

Overnight train to Delhi to visit friends, eat more food, inspect old buildings, and harass more critters. It’s a stop-over before we head into the mountains and back into the snow. We are joined by our British friend Guppi currently living in Delhi. See who else you may recognize from blog posts long ago…

Welcome to Red Fort


Always love the street food. That there is Samosa+

and fresh lime soda.
Incidentally, this guy taught me a new way to open a soda bottle. Ask me about it sometime if I still have all of my fingers.


POV cycle rickshaw.

Horse saddles at the bar. Hey, and there's Guppi.

Can't get enough Dosa. And there's Rosie on the left.

Jantar Mantar. A series of architectural astronomical delights.

What does this one do?


I have friends, too, that should never take their helmets off. You know who you are...unless you have forgotten.

Peese, Yo.

Old place.

Inside an old place.

Peace before another bus-ride-of-suicide. 
Goodbye Delhi. Hello Mountains...