Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome back in Mumbai

After Turkey begins our originally-planned India trip; it will involve visiting friends, eating food, and harassing monkeys. First stop: Mumbai. Staying with Kirstin’s friends Jill & Vijay in the lap of luxury. 

Lucky to arrive for Holi. It's a public festival originally intended to boost one's immune system for the changing season by splattering friends/anyone with beneficial herbs and spices. However, like anything good, it's been improved  by modern technology to include bright chemical powders, firecrackers, water-balloons, and best of all: meg-squirt super-guns. And for 3+ white people not to be missed in the revelry, we wore target-white indian dress.

Not where the poorest of the country shop.

 Cane juice is best served street-side.

 Showing off her new boots to anyone paying attention. In the mens carriage on a public train that's everybody.

 2000 years old caves, and that's with some a finely-aged Buddhism.  

 I say Aliens.

Everybody likes chowpatty snacks.

And everybody wants their kids pictured with blondie-clause.


No all-beef burgers at this creepy clown restaurant.  

My Favorite Mumbai street food Pav Bhaji. But I can never make it correctly at home. This famous joint suggest more butter. Lots more butter.

Asking friends to do make silly things.

Some servers oblige for the camera. 

 At the Mall cafeteria.

One last look at Mumbai's breezy poopy shores before we head out.

Train mates.

Best overnight train accommodation

 See you in Delhi :)

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