Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cappadocia, Turkey, in the snow...

Here it's hard to find a hotel that isn't carved into an ancient cave. 

Outside our room and the first night is snowing

Monastery in Goreme.

 Crazy above ground and going below.

 Out there be the pigeon poop farms...really.

"Look, Monk house"

 Churches get painted on.

 Too bad the monkeys are blocking the great view.

This guy, these ceramics, in this cave

Climbing into here:

Looking back up

Turkish Icons 

Lookout! Castle!

Turkish friends just as bonkers.

Pigeon Valley

Cramped even for an undergound city


Never-stop carpet weaving,

Never-stop carpet selling.

Never-stop eating.

Fun with rental car.

Thanks front-wheel-drive. You did well.

I never could get these on.

Caves make good churches.

The only other people here were hunting rabbits.

The question is only which alien race built Derinkuyu - among the grandest of underground cities.

Vertical air vents go super far down.

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