Sunday, October 09, 2005

Wow, more than 18,000 dead and 40,000 wounded yesterday in Pakistan's earthquake! The effects were felt here in India as well in the in the regions bordering Pakistan including Jammu & Kashmir where more than 300 were killed. A few days before the quake I gave myself the choice of traveling back to Manali and on to Bombay, or exploring further the regions of Jammu & Kashmir where the effects of this earthquake would cause further trouble. Fortunately, I made the choice to travel to Manali (south and away from Pakistan). Instead of waking up to buildings falling down I was rattled by ghosts shaking my bed and windows.

In a few days I hope to have up on this page an account of my travels through these northern reaches including bike rides and evil bus organizers.


Milos said...

Good to know you are still moving about! Keep it going Ryan. Looking forward to learning more about India, since I never made it there myself.

Sunil said...

I sit here waiting for the next installment - and mr allmandinger you have not provided...i want some gossip regarding Inheritance India/ski resorts/Roabin Mazumdar/Earthquakes/funny stories... and all the rest...i'll go back to microbiology until you update!